Hospital’s C-diff outbreak comes days after "deep clean"

A HOSPITAL was hit with a Clostridium difficile outbreak just days after it completed a “deep clean”, it emerged yesterday.

The Countess of Chester Hospital closed a surgical ward last Thursday when 26 people fell ill with the stomach bug.

The hospital had spent £300,000 on the deep clean, which was completed on March 24.

The Countess of Chester NHS Trust insisted yesterday the deep clean was successful, saying the outbreak was caused by unusually high numbers of patients bringing C. diff into the hospital.

There is a high level of C. diff in the community, and this outbreak has been caused by an unusually high number of patients coming to the hospital with C. diff. Patient safety is the Trust’s primary concern, so visiting infectious patients is strictly controlled. Visiting is also not allowed for isolated patients in other areas of the hospital.

The Countess of Chester Hospital Spokesperson

He added the number of patients suffering from C. diff has now fallen to 17 and Infection control procedures are in place making the position is now stable.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced plans last September for every NHS hospital to be scrubbed in a bid to tackle bugs like MRSA and C. diff.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson said earlier this year he expected all 1,500 hospitals in England to have deep cleaning finished by the end of March.

The Tories have described the programme as an “expensive gimmick”.

Liverpool Daily Post

April 9, 2008

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