This is the first time in 40 years I don't have an itchy red patch in the middle of my chest - it's fantastic. I had given up trying to shift it years ago.

Tim - Atopic Eczema Sufferer
Tim is a 39 year old who has suffered from moderate to mild eczema throughout his life. Starting in early childhood, flexural areas were most severely affected often causing irritation and pain, with outbreaks less often occurring on chest and neck. Sporadic self medicating using OTC emollients has provided limited control over the worst eczema flares, but Tim has become accustomed to this as part of everyday life and hasn’t consulted a doctor on his condition in over twenty years. He has constantly had red, itchy, patches on his chest during this time. Tim has worked in the motor trade for most of his adult life, and has noticed that his eczema is affected by a number of factors – particularly some washing powders and weather – cold and damp conditions generally leading to an increase in his symptoms. In early 2010 his business purchased new, poor quality work shirts which were compulsory for all employees. 3 weeks after first wearing the t-shirts Tims eczema had returned on his chest at the worst level since his teens (see picture - Tim Before) and remained at that level, despite daily use of E45 cream, for 6 months.  

The best part is when they are on; they feel special and soothe me. They are cool and stop me being sore. I slept straight through the night too.

Charlotte - Atopic Eczema Sufferer
Charlotte is an eight year-old girl, who developed atopic eczema at three months of age. Her skin became red and inflamed, and was generalised all over her body, her face was more severely affected with weepy infected areas on her cheeks. Charlottes’ parents have had to become expert dermatology carers and support their daughter to adapt to living with eczema and cope with daily life. Generally, Charlotte copes well in the day; she loves school and her social activities. However, night-time is a difficult time for Charlotte, she does not sleep throughout the night and often in the morning she finds it hard to wake-up and can fell very tired during the day. Her parents need to change the bed on a daily basis, as most of the damage to Charlotte’s skin occurs at night, as she is very restless and scratches in her sleep. Charlotte was given a pair of DreamSkin® Health pyjama‘s in April 2010, when she was 8 ½ years old and in year 3 at school. The night she first wore the pyjamas, Charlotte slept throughout the whole night and this continued for the next week. Over the next two weeks her skin improved to the best it had ever been. Her parents were able to reduce her topical corticosteroids down to a moderate preparation more rapidly than usual as her skin was so much better. Charlotte was much brighter in the mornings for her school day, waking up fresh and not feeling tired. Her parents said, ‘Charlotte is more rested, has slept better and is more comfortable’.

Charlotte has now been wearing the pyjama‘s every night for 4 weeks, they have not needed to be washed daily (and now the bed only needs changing twice a week), as she is not scratching there are no blood stains on the pyjama‘s or the bed linen. Charlotte and her parents now say that they cannot do without DreamSkin® Health pyjama‘s.

The positive effects for Charlotte and her family, after ten days of wearing DreamSkin® Health pyjama‘s are:

  • Itch significantly reduced
  • Skin is much improved
  • Cooler at night
  • Did not cry out in sleep, restlessness eliminated
  • No blood on night ware/bedclothes AM
  • Woke up fresh, not longer tired in mornings
  • Used less topical steroid
  • Continued to use emollients
  • Could not wait to put her silk pyjama's on every night

After 8 weeks of using DreamSkin® Health garments there has been a profoundly positive effect on Oliver’s skin. His eczema is far more controlled because he finds the pyjamas comfortable

Oliver - Atopic Eczema Sufferer

In September, I had to take a last-minute business trip and (darnit all) I forgot to take my Wick’em liners. After two days of wearing my underwire bras without protection, I wound up with nasty red marks under my breasts... I used some hydrocortisone cream to manage some of the inflammation and then some moisturizer. Boy, was I glad to get home and get back to wearing Wick’em. After 1 day with my Wick’em liner, the redness had almost disappeared and I wasn’t in pain. In fact, the liner appeared to do more moisturizing than the creams I had used. In 3 days, my skin was back to normal!

These new wick’em appear to me to have a moisturizing component and are so soft and gentle on my skin.  Even when I wear underwire bras with lace (which used to make my chest look great but could cause skin irritation), I can now go all day with no discomfort.

Pam - Breast irritation sufferer