Hylton Karon

CEO, iFabric Corp.

Hylton is a Graduate of Philadelphia University with a BSC degree in textile marketing and management. A member of the Group’s founding family, Hylton has over 30 years of experience in product development and marketing. Hylton’s creative ability has resulted in the development of many successful and patented products which are sold both in North America and Internationally. Hylton’s leadership and motivational skills have been the main driving force for the Group’s success to date.

Hilton Price

Group Chief Financial Officer

Hilton is a Chartered Accountant with over thirty five years of experience covering a variety of industries and businesses. Hilton has been involved in most elements of the Group’s strategic planning and has been responsible for financial oversight since the Group’s inception.

Giancarlo Beevis

President and CEO

Giancarlo is an Honours B.A. graduate from York University. His current role involves oversight over the regulatory approvals for intelligent fabric technologies and the development of marketing strategies and materials for the launch of the intelligent fabrics division.

Jason Garay


Jason Garay is the Manager of Surveillance for Public Health Ontario. He is a graduate of the MHSc program in Community Health and Epidemiology at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. Following graduation, Jason practiced as an epidemiologist specializing in communicable diseases at the Region of Durham. He then moved to the Region of York where he was the Manager of Surveillance for 5 years after which he joined Public Health Ontario to assume responsibility for infectious disease surveillance in Ontario. Jason is the past President, and Vice-president, of the Association of Public Health Epidemiologists in Ontario and the Chair of the Pan Canadian Epidemiology Network. Jason also holds faculty appointments at the University of Toronto as an Adjunct Lecturer.